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What Appliances Do You Leave When Selling a House?

I’m selling my house. So what appliances stay and what appliances should stay?

It's pretty simple. It’s anything that's built in, unless excluded in the real estate contract. So you're built in dishwasher, you're built in microwave, your built in cooktop, built-in refrigerator. Some people have a lovely built-in refrigerator. Anything that's not built in, such as a freestanding refrigerator, your washer, your dryer, ranges, freestanding ranges. Those are typically written into the contract because they're items of personal property.

Let me give you a little hint, though. In greater Kansas City, it's common for ranges to stay with the property. But just a reminder, your contract spells out what stays and what doesn't stay unless it’s a built in item and considered a fixed. And you didn't exclude it.

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