• Suzanne Hinton

Is the Greater Kansas City Housing Market Headed for a Housing Market Crash?

Updated: Nov 9

It's no secret that the housing market crash of 2008 was one of the worst economic disasters in recent history.

I know how hard the housing market was during this time. I was fighting for my Clients to be able to keep their homes by working with their mortgage companies to come up with solutions. Helping so many short sale their homes and trying to make the outcome as favorable as possible for my clients that were on the verge of their homes going into foreclosue. Or if already in the foreclosure process, working with the lender to stop the foreclosure and allow me time to get the home sold.

Families lost their homes, their savings, and their livelihoods. So, when we see headlines proclaiming that the Greater Kansas City housing market is headed for a similar fate, it's only natural to be concerned. But here's the thing: those headlines are wrong. The Greater Kansas City housing market is not heading for a crash. In fact, in my opinion, it's in a much better position to weather any potential storm than it was in 2008. Here's why.

So there you have it: three reasons why the Greater Kansas City housing market is not headed for a crash like the one we saw in 2008. If you're thinking about buying a home in the near future,I firmly believe that this is a great time to buy--the market is healthy and poised for continued growth.

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